Interpretation Equipment

The traditional tools of the trade for an interpreter were incredibly simple: a pen, paper and, of course, the interpreter’s expertise and knowledge. But time surges forward and to get the best results it is now often necessary to use far more advanced solutions. Simultaneous booths, complete with headphones and microphones, are often essential even though they might not be available at the venue and require technical experts to manage the sound and equipment. Other options are also available, especially in cases where the number of participants is quite small

AMI will work with you to advise you about the best solution for your meeting or event, given the format, location, and number of participants and languages. AMI also has long-standing partnerships with some of the best equipment suppliers in the business, enabling it to manage the technical side as well, from the provision of the equipment to technical assistance during the event. Such options ensure the customers benefits from a complete package, a single contact point and the guarantee of quality that is synonymous with AMI. 

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