The ideal interpretation technique depends on many factors, including the number of languages, number of participants, location and subject matter. AMI will find the best solution to suit your needs. We are also long-time partners of the best audio-visual technicians in the business, so we can provide you with a quote on a comprehensive package including language and technical services (simultaneous interpretation equipment, headphones, portable interpretation systems – also known as “bidule” -, audio-visual systems, tech support and related services).
AMI provides simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and chuchotage
(or, whispering interpretation, also using portable interpretation systems) for:

  • Congresses, conventions, symposiums and conferences of any size, and with any number of language combinations;

  • Board meetings, with directors speaking different languages and also attending remotely and communicating by phone or video conferencing connections;

  • Depositions and legal intake within different legal systems, competently and accurately conveying every semantic element of the original language;

  • Focus groups, following the pace and tone of natural speech;

  • Presentations of product ranges and fashion collections, where language is a fundamental part of an effective message;

  • Training and coaching courses, generally using two languages, where smooth, seamless communication between trainers and course members is a must;

  • Business meetings, interviews and negotiations, demanding the utmost accuracy and clarity;

  • Press conferences;

  • Artistic events and meeting with authors;

  • Television and radio shows, web-streaming;

  • Business and official trips abroad, where understanding the local language and culture is crucial;

  • Multi-site tours (to networks of institutions, organisations, cultural centres or industrial locations)

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