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If you are looking for an interpreter, it is useful to remember that:

  •  Simultaneous interpretation is when the interpreter translates while the speaker speaks, using technical equipment (a booth in true simultaneous translation or a portable simultaneous translation system called a “bidule”)

  • l’interprete lavora in “consecutiva” quando traduce al termine del discorso dell’oratore (o parte di esso) sulla base dei suoi appunti

  • Consecutive interpretation is when the interpreter translates what is said after the speaker has spoken (either all or in part) using notes he or she has taken  

  • Chuchotage or “whispering interpretation” is an interpretation technique where the interpreter whispers the translation to a maximum of two or three people

  • The ideal interpretation technique depends on many factors, including the number of languages into and from which translation is required, number of speakers, number of participants, location and duration of the event. Our office will be able to help you make the best choice! 

  • Interpretation normally – excluding very short events and special circumstances – requires two interpreters per language. They work alternately, for about 20 minutes at a time, to ensure optimal translation and concentration. 

  • AMI interpreters specialise in key sectors, but material from a client is always an invaluable resource for an interpreter to prepare thoroughly for the specifics of the job and thus ensure the best outcome!

 If you are looking for a translator, it is useful to remember that:

  • A translator knows his/her working languages perfectly as well as having extensive knowledge of the areas he or she specialises in

  • AMI translators work exclusively into their mother tongue to ensure every translated word is correct and natural

  • Translations are charged using a rate per page, where a page is 1,500 keystrokes, including spaces (often calculated using the translated text)

  • For every job, AMI translators (and interpreters) create targeted glossaries that are made available via our company server to all members to ensure constant improvement and knowledge development 

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