AMI has the technical expertise financial and other companies need to communicate successfully in a foreign language. Our team of translators has extensive experience translating documents in which terminological precision is mission-critical: corporate and financial reports, articles of association, in-house regulations and procedures, meeting minutes, financial statements, press releases, regular publications… the list is long. Our menu of services includes transcriptions, sworn translations and simultaneous and consecutive interpretation for companies at AGMs, Board and committee meetings, audits and supervisory inspections.

Our translators and interpreters have proven experience in the financial industry, coming to the table not just with top-tier language skills but understanding the complex underlying ideas as well.

As part of an international network of professionals, AMI caters to practically every and any language combination.


Interpreters and translators are often a vital cog in the success of high-level institutional relations that have a direct impact on economic and political relations between different countries.

AMI has proven experience in this sector, having worked with many public bodies, including the Presidency of the Lombardy Regional Government, to which it has long provided translation and interpretation services.



AMI has the know-how to provide the right solutions for medical and scientific communication. Services include translating presentations, scientific papers and other documents where precise medical and scientific terminology is essential, and consecutive and simultaneous interpretation at medical, veterinary and pharmaceutical conferences.

Manufacturing / Design

For industrial manufacturers and a myriad of SMEs, communication requires professionals with the language skills and industry knowledge to guarantee quality translation and interpretation services.

From the mechanical industry to design, AMI provides the right solution to ensure your excellence is effectively conveyed around the world. Our Association also has proven experience at trade fairs in Italy and abroad.



A book is like an old friend. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the original language or translated, an e-book or a traditional paper copy, a book offers a window into the author’s world… or a mirror into our own soul.  Everyone has a story to tell about the pleasures of reading a favourite author or the eager wait for the release of the translated version in one’s own language!

The finest translators succeed in carrying content from one language into another, without losing the emotions or the depth of meaning in the original.

The best interpreters provide that vital link between the author and the public, faithfully communicating the smallest details and most complex ideas.

AMI translators and interpreters have a wealth of experience in the publishing world. A number of our translators are published authors in their own right, as well as having a wealth of experience in translating books, exhibition catalogues and more. Our interpreters have worked extensively at book presentations involving the press and the public, and at high profile literary festivals like Bookcity in Milan, the Salone del Libro in Turin, and Pordenonelegge.


AMI is based in one of the undisputed global capitals of fashion, so it should come as no surprise that we have built up a wealth of experience in marketing Made in Italy, a field in which language skills and product understanding are essential.

AMI provides translation and interpretation services to numerous companies in this industry, and has worked at fashion shows and collection presentations in some of the world’s leading showrooms. We also have a portable simultaneous translation system – sometimes called a bidule – that is an ideal solution when logistics require real flexibility.



AMI can provide the language services essential to promoting Italy’s famed cuisine abroad.  AMI has provided translations for Fiera Milano in various sectors – especially food fairs – in a range of tongues that goes far beyond the European staples to languages like Japanese.

AMI also provided numerous translation and interpretation services at MILAN EXPO 2015 for private companies and public institutions, including the Lombardy Regional Government. It has worked at many conventions and conferences on nutrition and the global challenge of sustainable production in the future.

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