AMI has expert translators who specialise in all key areas of our business:

  • Science:  Human and veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals, clinical trials, environment, energy, and more

  • Finance: Business and finance, banking, financial statements, financial reporting, balance sheet analysis, management control, business plans, tender specifications, and more

  • Political and institutional affairs:  EU laws and regulations, official speeches, presentations, deeds, policy documents, and more

  • Legal:  Contracts, sworn translations, by-laws and articles of association, powers of attorney, meeting minutes, notarised documents, regulations, birth, death and marriage certificates, and more

  • Marketing: Press releases, brochures, presentations, direct mailing, newsletters, and more

  • Technical:  User manuals, technical and commercial brochures, product specifications, technical standards, catalogues, and more

  • Publishing:  Articles, interviews, guides and manuals, essays, travel guides, children’s books, picture books, and more

  • Media:  Synopses, treatments, screenplays for the stage, film and television, sub-titling, websites, and more

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